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Journey to holy Haridwar

Are you looking for a peaceful place to visit in India? The journey to holy Haridwar was best for you. Here in this blog, you will know which places in Haridwar are best to visit,

Are you looking for a peaceful place to visit in India? The journey to holy Haridwar was best for you. Here in this blog, you will know which places in Haridwar are best to visit, nearby places, places to eat, the best time to visit, and how to reach here.

Significance of Journey to holy Haridwar

Hari means “Vishnu” and dwar means “gateway” in Sanskrit, the language of Hindu liturgy. Thus, the translation of Haridwar is “The Gateway to Vishnu”. It receives this name because it is the usual starting point for pilgrims traveling to the well-known Badrinath temple of Vishnu. Haridwar is not merely a destination, but a pilgrimage for the soul. Haridwar offers visitors a unique and unforgettable experience at every turn, fusing modernity and tradition. Uttarakhand, a state in northern India, is home to the holy city of Haridwar. Regarded as one of the seven most sacred locations in Hinduism, it is renowned for its profound spiritual and religious meaning. Another name for Haridwar is Dev Bhoomi, which means the entrance to the Himalayas.

Finding your way to harmony on the journey to the holy city of Haridwar

Table of contents

  • How to Reach in Haridwar
  • Places to visit in Haridwar
  • Places to visit near Haridwar
  • The best time to visit
  • Places to Eat
  • Places to stay

How to Reach in Haridwar

Travelers can choose from various transportation options to get to Haridwar, depending on their preferences and location. Here’s a map showing the route to Haridwar:

By Air-

There isn’t an airport in Haridwar. Your best option to get to Haridwar is to fly into Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun. The distance between this domestic airport and the city center is about 20 km. Haridwar and Dehradun are 52 km apart, and taxis are readily accessible from the airport.

By Train-

There is a station in Haridwar. Haridwar Junction Railway Station is a significant railway hub, and Haridwar is well-connected by rail. Numerous trains travel to Haridwar from all over the nation. Train passengers will find the station convenient due to its central location.

By Road-

Haridwar is accessible by bus or taxi. You can also book your tickets from https://www.makemytrip.com/flights/

  1. Bus: Haridwar is connected to Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, and other regions of Uttarakhand by several state-run and private buses. Bus services are widely accessible due to their reasonable fares and good frequency. In Haridwar, the train and bus stations are next to each other.
  2. Taxi: From Delhi to Haridwar, several taxi companies operate. The approximate rates per kilometer for the trip from Delhi to Haridwar are listed below.
    Hatchback AC Seat: 9.5 rupees per kilometer
    AC Seats Sedan: Rs. 10 per km
    AC SUV Seats: Rs. 13 per km

Locations to see on the journey to Holy Haridwar

Har ki Paudi

In Haridwar, the most famous ghat is “Footprints of the Lord,” or Har Ki Pauri. This place holds immense respect since it is believed that Lord Vishnu left his mark here. Har Ki Pauri is an important landmark and a well-known ghat on the banks of the Ganga River in Haridwar. Known as the spot where the holy Ganga river rises from the mountains, Har ki Pauri is a popular pilgrimage site in Haridwar. The world-famous Ganga Aarti is held in the Brahmakund region of Har ki Pauri, a holy site where it is believed that the drink of life (Amrit) fell on Earth. Taking place at Har ki Pauri are the largest Hindu fairs, Kumbh and Ardh Kumbh.

Mansa Devi Temple

How to Get to Haridwar’s Mansa Devi Temple
Three kilometers separate the Mansa Devi Temple from Haridwar, and there are two ways to get there: on foot or via cable car. Many people prefer the cable car because the 1.5-kilometer walk uphill to the temple is quite strenuous.
Tags: Temple

Hours: Aarti, 5:30 AM; 5:00 AM–9:00 PM

Times: 2–3 hours

Entry Fee:  free

Advice Guests of the Mansa Devi Temple

  • Avoid the priests there who want to take large sums of money from the followers.
  • Keep an eye out for the monkeys near the temple and avoid giving them food.

Chandi Devi Temple

The Chandi Devi Temple is a well-known temple located in Haridwar. The temple is dedicated to the goddess Chandi. Neel Parvat Tirtha is another name for it. This temple is one of the five sites of worship in Haridwar. 4 kilometers separate Chandi Devi Temple from Haridwar. There are two ways to get there: on foot or by Udan Khatola cable car. Once the difficult climb is completed, travelers reach the temple and make the three-kilometer trek to the Mother’s Court. Reaching the temple requires climbing 786 steps. You can still visit the temple from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. It is only closed from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. It is believed that Mansa Devi was decorated during this period.

Daksheshwar Mahadev Temple

During the Hindu holy month of Saavan, devotees of Lord Shiva come to the Daksheshwar Mahadev Temple, a place of great devotion and faith. This temple honors King Daksha Prajapati, the father of Sati, and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Every year, thousands of followers of Lord Shiva gather around the Daksha Mahadev Temple, which is considered sacred by them. The rush increases in the month of Sawan.
Tags: Temple

Timings: 6:00 a.m.–8:00 p.m.

Time Required: 1-2 hours

Entry Fee: No entry fee

Sapt Rishi Ashram

Situated on the banks of the Ganga, five kilometers away from Haridwar, is the historic and beautiful Saptrishi Ashram (Sapt Sarovar). Seven sages are believed to have meditated at Sapt Rishi Ashram, an elegant ashram on the banks of the Ganges.

Entry fees: Free

Timings: 6:00 a.m.–7:00 p.m.

Places to visit near Haridwar

You can also plan to journey to holy Haridwar by visiting other areas that are close to Haridwar in addition to sightseeing there. Take a look at a few of these well-liked local tourist destinations:

  • Rishikesh, 24 km
  • Kotdwar, 66 km
  • Dehradun, 58 km
  • Mussoorie, 88 km

The best time to journey to holy Haridwar

Haridwar welcomes visitors with a cool, crisp climate from October to February, making winter the ideal time of year to visit. With the warm glow of the sun on your back, the daytime is ideal for exploring the area and visiting different temples.

Places to Eat

These are some of the best restaurants in the area, and most eateries are vegetarian.

  1. Hoshiyarpuri
  2. Mohan Ji puri wale
  3. Big Ben Restaurant
  4. The Patio
  5. Hotel Raghuvanshi Gujrati Bhojanalay
  6. Krishna Ji Restaurant
  7. Bikanervala, an Indian Restaurant in Ranipur, Haridwar
  8. Fun N Food Restaurant
  9. Vyanjan Restaurant
  10. Chotiwala Restaurant: The Best Family Restaurant in Haridwar

Places to Stay

Here is a list of the best places to stay when you journey to holy Haridwar:

  • Shri Jairam Ashram
  • Vasudev Ashram
  • Shantikunj Ashram
  • Hotel Ganga Vilas
  • Gauri Dham Ashram
  • Hotel Hari Ganga
  • Fortune park Haridwar
  • Amrit Bhawan
  • Gobind Bhavan Heritage Hotel

These are a few of the other places in India that I have traveled with love.

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