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How to visit the Sun Temple

Are you looking to visit the Sun Temple in Konark? Find out more about the temple’s location, hours of operation, admission charge, etc. I write about Sun Temple, Konark, in my blog because I visited

Are you looking to visit the Sun Temple in Konark? Find out more about the temple’s location, hours of operation, admission charge, etc. I write about Sun Temple, Konark, in my blog because I visited this historic temple last month and had a great time.

The best way to plan to visit the Sun Temple


The state of Odisha in eastern India is home to the architectural and mythological marvel known as the Konark Sun Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its carved wheels and geometric designs were once utilized as sundials. At sunrise, noon, and sunset, three images of the Sun God can be seen facing different directions to capture the sun’s rays.

A massive stone wheel known as the Konark Chakra symbolizes the Sun God’s chariot wheel. Since it represents the 24 hours in a day, it is commonly regarded as a symbol of time. It is usually represented with 24 spokes.


Built in the 13th century by the Eastern Ganga Dynasty’s King Narasimhadeva I, he is best known for his significant contribution to the construction of Odisha’s Konark Sun Temple, an amazing architectural wonder and UNESCO World Heritage Site. The temple is sometimes referred to as the Black Pagoda. Konark was selected as the construction site due to its frequent mention in ancient texts as Surya’s sacred seat.

Last month, how could I have gone to Konark Temple?

Visiting the Konark Sun Temple in Odisha, India, is a rewarding experience.


Puri is the largest city closest to Konark and has excellent train and road connections. You can travel to Konark after arriving in Puri. I go to Jagannath Temple in Puri first, and then I take a taxi through MakeMyTrip to Konark Sun Temple.

The distance between Lord Jagannath Temple Puri and the Sun Temple in Konark is roughly 35 km.

2. Entry fees and Timings

The place is Konark, Odisha
Distance to Major Cities: 34 km to Puri, 67 km to Bhubaneshwar, 82 km to Cuttack
Hours: daily from 6:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. Indians pay an entry fee of ₹30, while foreigners pay ₹500. Each entry pass to the Konark Dancing Festival costs ₹ 400.

3. Exploring the Temple

When I get to the temple complex, I can take in the marvel of architecture. Since that’s a place of worship, I’ll make sure to dress appropriately. We appreciate modest clothing.
The temple charges an admission fee, but for a reasonable Rs. 530 for two hours, I may engage a local guide to give me more background information on the temple’s construction, history, and significance.

4. Cheers to the Architecture

I take my time to admire the temple’s elaborate sculptures, stone carvings, and chariot-like architecture.
The temple is well-known for its sensual sculptures, which also feature scenes from daily life and a variety of legendary tales.

5. Go to the Museum of Sun Temple

Following a tour of the temple complex’s modest museum, which features artifacts, sculptures, and other details on the temple’s history,

6. Enjoy the surroundings

I may unwind, stroll, or take in the gorgeous views of the Bay of Bengal at the neighboring Konark Beach.
I also remember to catch the temple’s beauty against the sea’s backdrop.

7. Observe local traditions

I pay attention to the regional traditions and customs. I remove my shoes as soon as I enter the temple and follow any directions the officials provide.

konark, puri, orissa-3462072.jpg

8. Nearby Attractions

I can also go to other neighboring sights like the Ramachandi Temple and Chandrabhaga Beach while I’m in Konark.

Experiencing the magnificence of ancient Indian architecture and culture is one of the highlights of a visit to the Konark Sun Temple.

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